Committees & Declarations of Interest

Allotment Gardens Appeals Committee

Councillors Dean Barrington, Anita Davies, Martin Williams and Richard Young

An allotment appeal will be heard by the Appeals Committee, which is made up of the remaining 6 Community Councillors.  1 Councillor is an allotment tenant, so will not take part in the appeals committee.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets quarterly and is Chaired by Councillor M Williams.

Each Ward is represented by a Member:

  • Councillor Alison Hughes (Coity)
  • Councillor Bernard Tiltman (Pendre)
  • Councillor Alan Wathan (Litchard)

Community Access Plan Standing Committee

This Committee meets bi-monthly and is Chaired by Councillor Anita Davies, at the moment whilst the Safer Routes works takes place, the Committee meets as required.

The Committee is made up of  the following Members:

Councillor Cherie Jones (Litchard)

Councillor Anita Davies  (Pendre)

Councillor Martin Williams (Coity)

The Chair of Council, Councillor Alan Wathan is an ex officio Member (Coity)

Staff and Disciplinary Committees

This Committee meets when it is required and is Chaired by the Councillor A Wathan

Councillor L Richards (Litchard)

Councillor D Barrington (Pendre)

Councillor A Hughes (Coity)


Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the above committees are shown here

Representation on Outside Bodies

Coity Wallia Board of Conservators                                                                                 

Councillor B Tiltman

Town and Community Council Forum:
Councillors C Jones (Councillor C Walburn reserve)

One Voice Wales National Meetings and Conference:                                                

Chair  and Vice-Chair – Councillors  M Williams (Councillor A Wathan reserve)

One Voice Wales Area Committee Meetings:
Councillor B Tiltman

One Voice Wales Larger Council Meetings:                                                                      

Councillor M Williams (Councillor A Wathan reserve)

Coity Primary School Governors:
Councillor Alison Hughes

Litchard Primary School Governors:
Councillor Christopher Walburn

Miscellaneous Meetings of Outside Bodies plus Welsh Government Meetings:

Councillor A Wathan (Councillor M Williams reserve)

Community Councillor Declaration of Interest List 2019 . 20

Community Councillor Declaration of Interest List 2018 . 19

Community Councillor Declaration of Interest 2017 . 2018

Community Councillor Declaration of Interest Register 2016 . 2017