The Council

The Community Council is the closest level of government to the people of a community. The Community Council will work to represent and improve the area in which it serves. The Community Council is granted its power by parliament, it raises its money through taxation (precept) and has the power to dictate how it spends the money within legislation.

Some of the Works Carried out by Coity Higher

Located off Heol West Plas, Coity

These are purchased and planted each year by the Community Council with the help of some volunteers.

Financial Donations
We have limited funds to allocate to charities and local groups. Application is via the application form on the bottom of the Finance page of the website.

We maintain and clear all footpaths within the Coity, Litchard and Pendre areas.

Christmas Lights and Trees
Are purchased/rented each year by the Community Council

Hanging Baskets
These are supplied, maintained and paid for by the Community Council each year.

Floral Planters
There are three, 1 on Coity Road, 1 at the top of Litchard Hill and 1 in Coity Village which are supplied, maintained and paid for by the Community Council each year.

Litter Bins
These are supplied on request, provided the requirement and expenditure is agreed by Community Council Members and that BCBC agrees to include them on their collection schedule.

Notice Boards
We have 4 noticeboards – one outside Litchard Primary School on Garfield Avenue, one next to the Post Box near Pendre Post Office, one outside Coety Primary School at Parc Derwen and one to the side of the Post Office in Coity Village.

Play Areas
We maintain the play area next to Litchard Primary School, the one in Pendre Fields, the one at Coity Castle and the one at Tanyrallt Avenue. All have been refurbished by the Community Council and we are in the process of asset transferring another.   We are also responsible for the grass cutting and bin emptying in these areas.

Dog Waste Bag Dispensers

We provide the dispenser in Litchard Playing Fields and are responsible for re-filling it.   In partnership with BCBC we have dispensers at Coity Castle, Pendre Fields and Joslin Terrace.

Benches and Litter Bins

We supply and maintain some of the benches and litter bins in the area.   If we are responsible for a bench or bin, there is usually a sign on the item indicating this.

War Memorial
We maintain the War Memorial located outside St Mary’s Church Coity.

Cae’r Eglwys (Coity Playing Field)
We maintain the field, cut the grass and empty the bin.