Happy to Chat Benches

By // March 31st, 2020

Before the recent social restrictions the Community Council placed signs on some of the benches in our 3 wards saying Happy to Chat.   This is an initiative so that people have somewhere they can go to have a conversation in a bid to combat loneliness and isolation.  You can just say hello or have a conversation, but if you sit on one of these benches you are showing a willingness to interact.

When this isolation period is over, the benches can be enjoyed at: Coity at Heol Spencer, in Litchard at Heol y Groes and Litchard Fields and in Pendre at Pendre Fields and on the corner of Pendre opposite the hospital entrance.

Happy to Chat Heol Spencer, Coity

Happy to Chat Heol y Groes, Litchard

Happy to Chat Pendre