Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for an allotment garden plot?

Write, phone or e-mail the Clerk and ask for an application form. This will be mailed to you to complete and return to the Clerk. Your details will then be put on our waiting list, and when a plot becomes available the person at the top of the list will be notified and offered a plot. However there are two waiting lists, one is for residents who live in Coity, Pendre or Litchard and these are always given priority. A second list is also kept of interested parties who live outside of one of these wards.

How much is the annual rent for an allotment garden plot?

The current annual charge for a plot is £36.00 (2019/20) and will rise to £38.00 in 2020/21. The rent is reviewed each year in September.

The road is in bad condition – where do I report this problem?

You can report it to the Clerk  who will then contact Bridgend County Borough Council on your behalf. Or you can contact BCBC direct on 01656 643643.

I run a local group, how do I apply for financial assistance?

Please write to the Clerk, giving details of the group, how much you’re hoping to raise and what the money will be spent on.   Please also give an indication of the numbers of  members who live in the Coity, Litchard or Pendre areas. The Clerk will then raise the matter at the next meeting of the Community Council and if the money is needed as a matter of urgency it will be given consideration at that meeting, but if it is not urgent it will be deferred to the March meeting.

How do I book Coity Higher Community Centre?

Awen Cultural Trust are responsible for the hire of the Centre, please ring them direct on 01656 754825 or email

Our street needs a grit bin or litter bin – who do I speak to about this?

You can submit a request to the Clerk  who will raise the  matter at the next Community Council meeting for consideration. If the request is granted the Clerk will then seek the necessary permissions  from BCBC.

One of our street lights isn’t working – where do I report this?

Please report this direct to Bridgend County Borough Council on 01656 643643.

One of the public footpaths is overgrown – who do I report this to?

Please contact  the Clerk who will then arrange for the footpath to be cleared.